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The Practice Challenge


The Challenge:

In life, the more you work at something the better your chances of being successful. Dancing is no different. Practice makes PERMANENT. The more we practice the more muscle memory we build in our bodies. Over time dance steps, entire routines and stretches become easier. Practicing a routine helps us to remember it and feel more confident when performing the routine. The more we stretch our muscles at home, the more flexibility we gain. The more we work to strengthen and tone our bodies, the stronger they become. The teaching staff at Edye Cook's School of Dance wants to see every child be successful in reaching their dance goals. We are challenging each student to go the extra mile to put the time into their dancing outside of the classroom.


How the challenge works:

Every time you practice at home, record a small snippet of your practice session. Bring all the videos from that week into the studio during your next lesson and show them to your teacher. Make sure the date is on the video because you will only be given credit for one video per day. Students have until the last day of the month to complete their required amount of videos. Upon completion of showing the videos, the student will receive a dance pin to put on a ribbon.


If you successfully complete the ECDC Practice Challenge and have 9 pins by recital, you will receive special recognition and a medal on stage at the end of the show.


Video Requirements:

Pre-dance = 5 videos per month

Studio Kids = 15 videos per month

EC/DC = 20 videos per month


Dancingly yours,

The Edye Cook's School of Dance Staff



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