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7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Dance


Back to school time means back to extracurricular activities for the children time. We all know the benefits of a well-rounded child and there are so many after school activities available for children, it may be hard to decide what your child should do. Dance is a great activity that should be added the list of things to scope out for your children. As a matter of fact here are 7 reasons why your child should take a dance class:


1. Dance class promotes fitness! No matter what style of dance, your child will be moving. They will be getting the necessary exericise needed each day. Studies recommend 30 minutes of exercise each day for your child. The average dance class lasts 30 minutes to an hour. Most of the time your child may take more than one style. It also gives a good all around workout. Most dance classes begin with a stretching for flexibility, have some type of cardio section, and then a cool down at the end. It’s exactly what your child needs to stay fit!


2. Dance class builds high self-esteem! Dance teachers promote expression, smiling, and reflection. Children can express themselves through movement. They are constantly asked to smile until it becomes a habit. Finally, they are constantly given an opportunity to look at themselves in the mirror and learn to present themselves in a way that is pleasing to themselves.


3. Dance class promotes social development! Dance class lets children move around and communicate with each other. The entire class works off of one another’s energy and personalities to learn and perform class dances.


4. Dance class teaches discipline! Children who take a dance class learn how to control their energy in their body through technique training.


5. Dance class builds focus! Dance requires much concentration and determiniation in order to get moves right, retain choreography, and perform it beautifully.


6. Dance builds good posture! We all know a dancer when we see one. They have a straight back, shoulders slightly back and their chin up! All of that comes from years of keeping your head off the floor, pushing your shoulders back, and making sure we aren’t slouching or hyperextending our backs.


7. Dance class is fun! Overall, the best reason for a child to take dance is because of the rewarding fun they will have. They will meet new people in an environment where they are free to express themselves! What kid wouldn’t want to do that?!

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